Alexa Ranking Tool for SEO

Hey Bloggers! Do you know what is the rank of your blog in your country or globally? Do you know what is your competitor’s website ranking nationally and internationally?
I have a solution for you now. It’s Alexa. Which can give you ranking of our website. Let me give you step by step ways to integrate Alexa tool with your website/blog.

Alexa integration steps

  • Create Login account to
  • Navigate to
  • Now you need to claim for your website and press continue.


  • Select Method 2, it will give you alexaVerifyID.
  • Instruction will be provided on the screen only.
  • Same time click on the button “verify my ID” then it will give you error message.


  • Now take the “alexaVerifyID” meta tag and embed it to -> tempalte  -> html section in <head> tag
  • Then click on “verify your ID”. Be happy its “Success” this time 🙂
  • Now go to again.
  • Right section -> enter your website/blogger URL link.
  • It will give the website ranking nationally and globally.
  • You can enter other website’s URL also in order to know their rankings.

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