Android Studio – Android Emulator Wifi Connected with No Internet

Today I had wasted my lots of time connecting to internet to the Android AVD Emulator. So when I was trying to connect wifi on my emulator it was not at all working. Tried many ways to fix it it. But after lots of struggle, I am able to hotfix my issue.

My solution using Mac OSX 10.15.7

I read about it being caused by LAN card and WiFi being enabled, and some approaches seemed complicated to me, so I simply tried this, and it worked:

Disabled WiFi on my laptop.
Switched off the emulator.
Did a cold boot on the emulator (AVD Manager -> on emulator actions -> Cold Boot Now).
After reboot with laptop WiFi disabled the emulator showed proper WiFi connection (emulator still shows AndroidWifi but is connected to my laptop internet.)
I then enabled WiFi on my laptop and everything worked.

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