Blogger Importer Extended (BIE) – The importer has stopped unexpectedly

Error: “cURL error 28: Operation timed out after 1001 milliseconds with 0 bytes received”. Or Error: “The importer has stopped unexpectedly! But… don’t worry! It will restart automatically in 180 seconds.”

Solution: I tried to install BIE plugin in my WordPress. First time it ran very fine but very second time I started getting above issue. Then I retried multiple times but it did not work. After my lot of struggle, I found below solution and this plugin started working for me.


  1. Deactive/delete “Blogger Importer Extended (BIE)” plugin.
  2. Then go to cPanel
  3. Go to phpAdmin
  4. Go to wp-options table ( table name can be different, like ********options)
  5. Increase row count as much as possible. Currently its 30. Don’t worry, this is just for showing more rows in one page.
  6. Search for “bie”. You will find 3-4 (minimun 3 rows)rows of the same. Try deleting all rows which has “bie” keyword.
  7. Now install “Blogger Importer Extended (BIE)” plugin again and try to run/start it.
  8. Hopefull it will work this time.
Let us know your feedback.




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