Current Review for Xiaomi’s POCO F1 direct from the leaders

#PocoF1 is the leading Smartphone with superior spec and features with cost effective price range. Poco F1 is the first every smart phone from Poco, sub brand from Xiaomi. But the the day it’s been launched, the MI Fans got stunned, when it’s price got revealed.


Get Set Go…. Xiaomi Poco F1’s custom skins go on sale tomorrow


Manu Jain, Xiaomi India VP and Manmohan Chandolu, General Manager at Poco India is reaving interesting facts about POCO F1 few days reviews and other facts.

The first ever sale totalling more than INR 200 crore (2 billion) were logged in less than five minutes. The company hasn’t announced exactly how many units been sold out, but we can infer that from the phone’s pricing.

It’s really a #MasterOfSpeed

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