Reverse Engineering From Apk to Source Code in Android

I ran below steps at mac machine. But steps will be almost similar for windows machine as well.

Tools Require

  1. dex2jar
  2. JD-GUI


  1.  Create a folder and copy apk (lets say abc.apk) to this folder.
  2. rename the extension (.apk) to zip. The the abc.apk is rename to
  3. Unzip the So the new folder is abc.
  4. Inside the abc folder there is one dex file called classes.dex
  5. dex2jar download from here.
  6. then run this command
    $ path of <space> path of classes.dex/classes.dex
  7. At the current working directory new jar file will be created as “classes-dex2jar.jar
  8. JD-GUI (for MAC) download.
  9. Drag and drop “classes-dex2jar.jar” at JD-GUI tool. You mush be getting decoded source files…… 🙂




My questions to you:

  1. What all other things can be decoded from apk?
  2. Which all other tools are there to decode “jar”.
  3. Is there any other way to decode apk?
  4. Did you face any issues on other platform or MAC machine?


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