Android Mip-mapping


Important facts about mipmap

  1. Android platform 4.3 and upward mipmap is by required to be added.
  2. There are many categories of mipmap drawables like mipmap-hdpi, mipmap-mdpi, mipmap-xhdpi etc.
  3. Mipmap is variety of drawables which is pe-processed, pre-calculated, pre-scaled, optimized, ready to use drawable. So that GPU (Graphics  engine) should not invest more time on rendering these images again and again.
  4. This is used for Games or 3D rendering as well.
  5. Image is stored with its metadata (many more informations). So at loading time GPU takes time to do processing and scaling in order to render those images. Some times with minification many of the details can not be rendered.
    ** Magnify the image for more extent and realize how much info that image has.
  6. Imaging a scenario where one image has to be shown multiple times. So GPU has to do that calculation again and again. So mipmap is best option in that way. As its pre-scaled and optimized so GPU don’t have to  struggle alot to render those items again and again.
    **Dont you think GUI is more free now for other matters?  🙂
  7. Mipmap can be used with Android 2.2+ as well but with 4.3+, its kind of mandatory to use mipmap drawables.


My questions to you

  1. Can we use all drawables as mipmap?
  2. How can we minify textures without introducing noise and use all of the texels?
  3. What is bilinear filtering for mipmap?


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