Enable ‘Naked’ Domain Redirect – Access Website/Blogger Without ‘www’ Prefix

Yeah, it is possible to access your website/blog without ‘www’. This term is called Enabling ‘Naked’ domain.I already have told that I took space on www.goDaddy.com and I will showcase this explanation with goDaddy. But for others, who are on other hosting server, there will be slight changes. They can also follow this post to get benefits. Logic will be same, options can be here and there.

You need to follow some steps to configure this. I have tried to explain all the steps in pictorial representation. So let’s concentrate here.

Steps 1: 

Login to blogger.com.
Go to “Settings” — “Basic”. 
If you have not added your custom URL (link) then you need to add it. In my case I already have added URL.  

Steps 2: 

Check the redirection option.

Steps 3: 

If you are using some other hosting server, except ‘godaddy.com’ then try to find the corresponding section from where you can add new records.

Now new records has to be added.
So as per picture below,  click on (1) ‘add record‘.
There are total 4 below records has to be added one-by-one.


Step 4:

Once you have done with step-3  then you will be landed in below scenario.

Now sit back and relax for a while then try to access your URL/link without “www” prefix.


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