How To Add Blogspot Post Title to H1 Tag For Better SEO

As a blogger we should know what is the importance of H1 tag for any post. As H1 tag is most important for SEO generation for your website.
Let’s consider some points here:
  • In Blogger, the title of the post will be in <h3> tag.
  • In wordpress, the title of the post will be <h1> tag.
If <h1> tag then better SEO generation, better organic traffic. If we say organic traffic it means, Google Search.

How to check whether <h1> is already been take n care or not?
  • Open your any post
  • Make right click and select “view page source”
  • Search for class=’post-title entry-title’
  • Check whether this classs is covered by “<h3> or some other tag
  • If its not <h1> tag then lets find out the way to convert it to <h1> tag.
Let’s see the step by step guide to add <h1> tag for your Blogger Post Title:
  1. Log in to
  2. Take a backup of your blog. If something goes wrong then you can restore it later.
    Click here for step by step guide
  3. Then go to Template- > Edit HTML.
  4. Copy “post-title entry-title” and press control+F to find the text.
  5. So where ever you find that text it will be in below ways:
    <h3 class=’post-title entry-title’
  6. Rename “<h3” to “<h1”.
    In my case I found above text at two places and I renamed both.
  7. Then try to find below line:
Issues: After changing these tags, style for your post title will be changed. Like its colour, font, style etc will be changed.
I searched for” and renamed it to”.In my case I found above text at more than 5-6 places and I renamed all.

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      1. Pranjal

        Hello sir,
        Thanks for your post.
        In my all post.. Post title does not have h1 h2 h3
        My heading of the post contains h1.
        And my title is in input tag.. I don’t know why it is…
        Plz suggest me what should I do..
        Thank you

  1. VL

    Thanks for the information!

    But, in my Blogger, the post page is built with the tag for the post´s title and the tag is the blog´s name.

    The next tags (<h2<, …) work properly.

    I´ve saw THIS post and ther is no here, only .

    Should I removed the tag of my posts, keeping only the tag?

    My SEO is harmed because of this?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Renny

    Does this technique apply to WordPress too because I don’t write using
    I use Mozbar to identify my SEO but the title is not considered as H1 yet by Mozbar. Please help.

  3. MsDiaryjp

    Hi. Thanks for awesome article.

    I was able to do steps 1 through 6 but couldn’t find the following

    <h1 class=’title’ style=’background:

    in my template. Would that be a problem?

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