How to Show/Hide Gadget for Mobile View in Blogger

I observed whenever I am adding new widgets then that widget is shown in webview and its not be shown in mobile view.
After some analysis I found the solution for that. So It’s possible to enable or disable Widgets (Gadgets) for mobile view.

Steps to modify HTML code

  • Login to
  • Go to Template -> Edit HTML
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  • Click on Jump to Widget.
  • Select required widget.
  • For selected widget you need to add a property as belowmobile=’yes”If you want that widget to be shown at mobile view also then use it.

    If you want that widget not to be shown at mobile view then use it.

    mobile=’only’ If some widget has to be shown only in mobile view not in webview, then use it.

  • After modification, dont forget to save the template.
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  • Now check your website/blog link on mobile.
technical jungle

If solution works for you then please socialize it. Enjoy the Loud Sharing. Happy Subscribing.

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